Scalable and robust gaming platform for all types of online games

HTML5 is the future of gaming on the Internet. You can quickly build multi-user games using and Node.js to build a simple, fast and scalable game server.

We have built a Memory application in HTML5 to demonstrate our proprietary multiplayer game architecture that is based on Node.js and open source framework that can be used for single or multi-player games, turn-based as well as real time based, and even with players playing against the computer as opponents.

The benefits of HTML5 is that it works on most devices and all the dynamic code can be developed using JavaScript on both the client and server side. Node.js is JavaScript on the server side that is based on Google's fast V8 engine. We can quickly customize a HTML5 game to function as a native app for iPhone or Android.

Licensing our gaming platform

The memory game is perfect to add to a website where you want to let your customers compete and win prizes. We customize the game according to your wishes with your advertising, graphic design and game logic. We take care of server operation and ensure that everything is working around the clock. You pay for adaptation and a monthly fee for server operation.

How does it work?

The memory game is controlled with arrow and return keys or the mouse pointer. We have also added touch control for mobile phones that do not have a keyboard. This address works best in your smartphone: memory.