Vosao CMS is a content management system (CMS) that enables you to build web sites and online applications on the Google App Engine platform for Java.

Test drive Vosao CMS

You can login and test drive a Molnfront GAEApp with Vosao CMS here Molnfront.com

Login as user: [email protected]
Password: admin

This is not an administrative user so you can't edit the content, only read it and get a feel for the system.

Simple and designer friendly

Vosao´s simple hierarchical content structure coupled with declarative design templates help content authors and web designers become productive and creative.

Easily extensible

Vosao CMS is a Java-based product. And what's more it's open source. The source code is freely available, and you can enhance the CMS with your own features and plugins.

Free cloud hosting

Don't worry about scalability or cost. Vosao CMS runs on the Google App Engine platform, the world leader in free and low-cost remote hosting.