Molnfront develops HTML pages and templates for Content Management System such as Vosao, Wordpress, Jomla, Drupal, TypePad and Blogger. Mainly, we carry out missions in which Google App Engine is included, but we also work with traditional hosting such as Loopia.

In order to provide rapid and modern websites, we use the latest frameworks for the development of HTML pages and templates, such as Flaw LESS {} and Compass.

In Cloud Fronts AppStore, you can order a complete web service with CMS (Content Management System), pre-configured with all the account settings, search engine optimized, custom domain name, Paypal e-shop, Google Analytics, AdSense, multi-language support for both visitors to the service as well as for administrators, CDN (Content Delivery Networks), video, backup services and modular HTML5 templates. As a web hosting we use Google's extremely affordable App Engine (GAE), which is the most robust and scalable solution for Internet services.