Who is it for?

This is the package that is ideal for cost-conscious small businesses and start-ups that need a small or medium sized site with the most common features yet is robust and reliable and easy to maintain. Cloud Front GAEApp is almost free for a website that has few visitors.

Who is it not for?

Do you need a real professional blog then it's WordPress that works best and we can help you to quickly get started. We use either Loopia for this or put up a very fast and robust solution in the cloud at Jelastic. Recently we created a WordPress site for Ravolution AB in 8 hours.

If you want a site that is completely free and would like to use drag and drop to create pages but that have limited functionality then we strongly recommend weebly.com. We ourselves have used weebly.com for the superguru.ai project. Right now we have a competion there, where you can win an iPhone 5!

If you need an e-commerce sytem to grow with where you can have links to orders and inventory and have a payment gateway then we strongly recommend: tictail. This is a free service, but you still have to design the store, fill it with content, do a consistent structure and do in-page SEO. This is something that we are happy to assist with.